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2016 Wishlist

Curation is one of the things I enjoy the most. I think Pinterest is a Godsend, and Etsy collections are incredible. Nonetheless, I made this wishlist for my birthday and Christmas because I'm often asked what I want. Most of the time I never know what to say so I think I'll just conveniently forward this! It started with my friend Kristin who makes up a wishlist almost every year since she was in high school. I always loved seeing what she has to put as I notice how far along she's grown up and as years go by, her preferences change to more adult-y things! I'm not sure what this means about me. What do you all think?

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Las Vegas in a Perspective

New York New York Hotel & Casino

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

New York New York Hotel and Casino

Have you ever looked at your city in different perspectives? Today, I did, and here was my take on it. 

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